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Phenyl/Disinfectant Concentrate

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  1. Disinfectant Concentrate

    If you are looking for products that disinfects, kills germs, deodorises and leaves a fresh aroma after use, try your hands on this Disinfectant Concentrate. With each use, it cleans surfaces to perfection and wipes away odour causing bacteria of any kind. Our powerful formula is suitable for cleaning the dirtiest of toilets and faucets.
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  2. Chloro Xylenol

    Chloro Xylenol is widely used as disinfectant for cleaning surgical equipments and antiseptic for skin. It finds its application in various household cleaners and wound cleaning liquids. This chemical is found to be highly effective against gram positive bacteria in which it disrupts the cell wall and stops enzyme activity. It has structural formula C8H9CIO and molecular mass of 156.61 g/mol with melting point range of 114 to 116 degree Celsius.
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  3. Cetyltrimethylammonium Chloride

    Cetyltrimethylammonium Chloride (CTAC), also known as cetrimonium chloride is a popular antiseptic (topical) and surfactant featuring the chemical formula C19H42ClN. In addition to its powerful antiseptic properties, it is also demanded for its excellent conditioning properties which makes the product best suited for use as an effective ingredient while formulating hydrating shampoos and conditioners.
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  4. Clear Phenyl Compound

    As suggested by the name, Clear Phenyl Compound we offer features a clear and transparent physical appearance. The product remains stable under normal temperature conditions and can be easily diluted with water to form an equally transparent mixture. We supply this disinfecting compound in sturdy barrels and containers.
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