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  1. Phenol 99 % (Cristal & Liquid )

    Phenol 99 % (Crystal & Liquid ) is an ACS grade reagent with the molecular formula C6H6OH and formula weight of 94.11 g/mol. It is a white colored volatile solid which is produced from petroleum. This chemical is used as an active ingredient in oral analgesics including Chloraseptic spray & carmex. It is also utilized as a treatment for a sore throat and as an ingredient in the formulation of cosmetics including creams, hair colors, and sunscreens.
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  2. Benzalkonium Chloride 50%

    Benzalkonium Chloride is an organic chemical which is used as a biocide, cationic surfactant, and phase transfer agent. Also known as alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride, it appears as white or yellow colored powder with gelatinous lumps. This water soluble compound is utilized as an active ingredient in many utility products including as a preservative in eye & nasal drops, sanitizers, shampoo, spermicidal creams, and floor cleaners. It is also used as excipient and a softener for textiles.
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  3. Para Cresol

    Meta Para Cresol has the chemical formula C7H8O with molecular mass of 108.14 g/mol which appears as thick liquid or greasy solid at room temperature. It is used as the synthetic intermediate for the formulation of pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, and plastics as well. With the melting point of around 202 degree Celsius & flash point of 86 degree Celsius, this chemical is completely soluble in strongly alkaline water.
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  4. Cresol

    These industrial chemicals known by the name of Cresol have a variety of applications and are mainly utilized in the form of intermediates in the production of other chemicals and compounds. Many everyday products like industrial solvents and disinfectants, preservatives in medicines & drugs, fragrances in insect control products have cresol among its major components.
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