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Disinfectant Chemicals

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  1. Cresylic Acid

    CRESYLIC ACID is a generic term, which refers to the accumulations of both xylenols and cresols along with phenol and several other alkylphenols. Applicative for the production of leather preparations, insulating varnishes, disinfectants, cable enamels, and umpteen other chemical formulations, it is really effective as a powerful germicide and antiseptic.
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  2. Para Chloro Meta Cresol

    Para Chloro Meta Cresol is a chlorinated phenol that is utilized as an optimal quality preservative and antiseptic that makes colorless, dimorphous elements at room temperature. Used as a disinfectant in hand wash, it can be dissolved in alcohol in accumulation with other organic compounds. This moderate substance can also be added to metal-working liquids such as paint, varnish, glue and is applicative for leather & textile processing.
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  3. 20 % Polyhexamethylene Biguanide

    PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide) is a water-soluble cationic disinfectant with wide clinical, household, and industrial applications
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  4. Coco Amido Propyl Betaine (CAPB )

    Cocamidopropyl Betaine.CAPB is a preservative-free, amphoteric surfactant. It has excellent foaming properties in hard and soft water. Low irritation to skin and eye with high foam ability and good foam stability in combination with anionic surfactants, synergistic effects are achieved which lead to a dermatological improvement of the consumer product. CAPB is used in baby care & cleansing, liquid soaps, shampoos, face cleansing, personal care wipes and shower/bath products. The shelf life of the ingredient is 12 month
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  5. 85 % Pine Oil

    pine oils are widely used in liquid cleaner, Detergent perborates , Hard Surface Cleaners , Anti persporants,Pine oil also used in Shampoos and soaps
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  6. 80% Benzalkonium Chloride

    Benzalkonium Chloride 80% is also noted as a best quality hyamine as well as a synthetic quaternary ammonium salt. This non-aromatic white solid can be dissolved in water and is provided with antiseptic, surfactant and anti-infective properties. Also included with surfactant properties, these suffice as useful excipient, laundry detergents, softeners for textiles, antimicrobial agents and other treatments.
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  7. Para Chloro Meta Cresol (Germicide)

    Para Chloro Meta Cresol (Germicide) is used as an external preservative for paints, textiles, leather goods, gums, glues, and inks. It is a white to off-white colored crystalline powder having density 1.12 and boiling point of around 235 degree Celsius. This compound is chlorinated phenol having molecular formula C7H7CIO and mass of 142.58 g/mol. It can cause moderate allergy when comes in contact with the sensitive skin.
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