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White Phenyle Raw Materials

  1. Emulsifier (Op - 95)

    Emulsifier (Op - 95) is a yellowish brown colored jelly-like liquid having distinct odor with the specific gravity of 0.96. It is added to stabilize and enhance the properties of various disinfecting & antiseptic agents. This compound has pH range of 8-9 and forms milky emulsion when dissolved in water. Its chemical structure consists of water loving hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic oil loving tail. Numerous functionalities can be achieved by its interaction with proteins of carbohydrates.
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  2. Turkey Red Oil (T. R. O.) 50%

    Turkey Red Oil (T. R. O.) 50% is produced by the treatment of castor oil with sulfuric acid. It is the natural emulsifier which serves as a wonderful base for bath oils to enhance their properties and allow them to emulsify in bath water. This is an orangey-red colored viscous liquid having mild oily odor. It can also be used as organic manure in agriculture, defoaming agent in paper industry, and as undecylenate in pharmaceuticals.
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  3. Ortho Benzyl Para Chloro Phenol

    Ortho Benzyl Para Chloro Phenol is widely used in the formulation of disinfecting agent required in hospitals, offices, restaurants, and for domestic purpose as well. This off-white to yellowish colored liquid has chemical formula C13H11OCL with molecular mass of 218.5 g/mol. It also finds its application as biocide which provides protection against fungi, algae, & viruses. This compound can also serve as a long term preservative for various chemicals. 
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  4. Para Chloro Meta Xylenols

    Para Chloro Meta Xylenols are known to be highly effective against gram positive bacteria killing them by disrupting their cell wall. They are widely used as an antiseptic & disinfecting agent and are ideal for cleaning surgical equipments. These chemicals having C8H9CIO and molar mass of 156.61 g/mol with the melting point range of 114 to 116 degree Celsius. It finds its common use in antibacterial soaps and wound cleansing solutions.
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