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Imported Solvents & Chemicals

  1. Butylated Hydroxytoluene(BHT)

    Butylated Hydroxytoluene(BHT) is formulated by the reaction of p-cresol with isobutylene and the resultant is later catalyzed by sulfuric acid. It is utilized as food additive and an antioxidant for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and transformer oil with E number E321. This compound has chemical formula C15H24O and molecular mass of 220.36 g/mol. It has white to yellow colored powdery appearance with phenolic odor. It is flammable lipophilic organic compound which is a derivative of phenol.
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  2. Liquid Phenol

    Liquid Phenol is an aromatic compound with molecular weight of 94.11 g/mol having sweet & tarry odor. It is primarily used as a precursor to polycarbonates, epoxide resins, and for other forms of plastic as well. Phenol is also used in the formulation of aspirin, herbicides, and pharmaceutical drugs. It also has the capability to remove paints and is utilized for removing epoxy polyurethane and chemically resistant coatings.
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    Para Cresol works as optimal organic compound, which is colorless and is widely applicable as an intermediate in the composition of other chemicals. It is a derivative of phenol and works as an isomer of o-cresol as well as m-cresol. This low-molecular-weight compound works as a starting physical in the synthesis of bupranolol. Also functional as a non-selective beta blocker it can be founded in extracts from the plants of Hedeoma pulegioides and Mentha pulegium.
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  4. m-Cresol (Meta-Cresol)

    m-Cresol (Meta-Cresol) is utilized in the preparation of antiseptics, such as amylmetacresol. This is functional as an optimal solvent for polymers and is provided with superior conductivity than polyaniline. The chemical is also functional as a preservative in many insulins. Also, it stays as a significant synthetic chemical for the parts requiring natural sources of the flavoring.
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  5. PCMC

    PCMC is noted as an optimal quality antimicrobial chemical compound, used to control algae, emulsions, paints, fungi bacteria, in wash tanks & adhesives. Commonly used in sterile soaps as well as household antiseptics, the product has reduced antimicrobial activity that is increased by additives. The uncontaminated activity of this chemical element is due to the breaking of cell membrane potentials.
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  6. GLUTE

    We offer superior grade Glute that is known for its superior quality and competitive prices. The compound undergoes extensive testing during the manufacturing process in order to make certain that quality is maintained.
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